Diana - 35 years old."I have a short time attending, but so far I'm very happy; there has been a long time since I've practiced gymnastics. I always do physical activity, but not gymnastics. I feel I'm progressing little by little. Since the group is very diverse, then you don't feel bad if you have difficulties with something, everybody is very comprehensive."

Kyn - 39 years old."Excellent, not only the sports teaching, but also the social projection they have. The development of values such as discipline, tolerance and perseverance. Congratulations, keep up the good work!"

Erika - 42 years old."My son is just beginning, I think he is learning to experiment with movements he had never done before. He likes it and feels happy for it."

Andrea - 23 years old."I think the classes are very fun and interesting, where they learn a lot. The instructors are excellent!"

Margarita - 39 years old."In TEMPOS we have found an integral sport for our kids in which they had been able to develop things like: cardio activity, coordination, balance, muscle strength, team work and tolerance. All in an environment with good motivation and enjoyment."

María - 34 years old."The classes are very fruitful, very well structured, appealing and they develop many skills. The activities are well organized, excellent."

Daniel - 33 years old."I like it a lot and I feel very identified with all the activities. I feel we can improve the sense of belonging with more activities outside the regular classes."

Valeria - 12 years old."The classes are very fun and we learn a lot."

Maryam - 21 years old."It helps me to improve my physical condition and to have a good quality of life in the future."

Marianella - 36 years old."I love it! Each class is different and a challenge, but with perseverance and within our time we achieve our goals. 100% recommended for everybody."

Nancy - 32 years old."The classes are incredible, very active and they promote confidence in wanting to achieve their goals and make physical activity, which is so important nowadays."

Laura - 39 years old."As parents we are super happy with this activity. Our kids enjoy it a lot, it has been a wonderful experience and we are thankful for being part of such a nice group lead by passionate and devoted young people."

Martín - 12 years old."Gymnastics are very fun and they have helped me a lot, it's great for releasing stress."

Geanina - 29 years old."The classes are a big motivation for the girls to do sports and for personal achievements: balance, control, coordination, etc. It is health, amusement and discipline for life. The activities allow the integration of everybody, to know each other and to show themselves to the community to promote the sport. Excellent."

Sara - 60 years old."For my health, it relaxes me, I have fun and widen my circle of friends"

Mariela - 27 years old."Being in TEMPOS makes me happy, to share time with other people while I have fun and make exercise is a unique experience. It's like my second home :)"

Ligia - 48 years old."I'm very happy because my daughter is integrating very well, she is motivated and she is loosing her shyness. She has more skills and patience."

Natalia - 10 years old."Classes are very fun, I like them more everyday."

Daisy - 43 years old."I love the classes. It's very recreational and educational. It feels good to come because you set personal goals and even though we work on groups, the individual improvement is very well respected. The atmosphere is very nice, it is like a family."

Cynthia - 30 years old."My son is 2 years and 8 months, it has helped him with his motor skills and development. Very good teachers, with a lot of aptitude for working with children and an amazing patience."

Daniela - 21 years old."The classes are nice, each time we learn new things and improve on other."

Bianca - 14 years old."I love comming to TEMPOS because I have fun and I learn new things. I like the classes as they are, I don't want them to be changed."

Adrián - 22 years old."Perfect form of physical activity. It helps to overcome fears, but above all to find new friends. It's a big family with a lot of future ahead for anybody."

Mario - 34 years old."Never in my life I would've imagined I could do what I can do today. It is an excellent form for conditioning your body. TEMPOS is a family of very different people that support each other and they rejoice of everybody's progress."

Yazmín - 29 years old."Classes are very good and fun. I'm always waiting for gymnastics day to come. Classes are different and help me to improve my skills."

Hosting for Danish teams

  • Submitted: 03/03/2016 - 08:03

Starting on March 1st, it is possible to sign up in the list for hosting Danish gymnasts. The list is in TEMPOS and the teams will be in Costa Rica from July 19th to July 23rd. Be part of this unforgettable experience! You can find the list in the notices wall, leave your contact information and tell us how many people you can host. We'll be providing more information soon.

TEMPOS t-shirts

  • Submitted: 03/03/2016 - 07:58

Are you looking for something to wear during our classes? We remind you that there are t-shirts for sale in TEMPOS in several colors and sizes. Be part of this big family!


Kid's size: ₡5000

Adult's size: ₡6000

80's party

  • Submitted: 03/03/2016 - 07:52

On Saturday, April 2nd we will hold a party TEMPOS with the 80's decade as the theme. Dress up and join us to celebrate! Don't miss this chance! We will have different activities for the whole family, there will be food to buy, we'll dance and much more. Sign up in the notices wall in TEMPOS.

Date: Saturday, April 2nd

Location: TEMPOS Gimnasia Danesa

Time: 6:00PM

Price: ₡3000 (payble before March 19th)