Han can you be part of TEMPOS?

1. Donate your time and/or knowledge

In TEMPOS we give the time we can to cover all the necessary tasks for the operation of the proyect. You can help us with your time in the different activities we organize or with your knowledge. It is often needed to work in maintainance, or to contact a particular service. Your knowledge or expertise in a given field can be of great help to us..

  2. Donation in kind

We regularly need to adquire some goods. This is another way you can help, and in this way we can reduce our typical operation costs and use some of the income in the facilities, to get more gimnastics equipment or to come with some kind of innovation for our gymnasts.

  3. Donate the amount you desire

You can also donate any given amount of money using PayPal, which you can access right here in this page and donate directly to our organization in a safe way.

You can contribute to the wellbeing of many people

Why did we created TEMPOS?

Quality of lifeNew alternativeSports for life


As an alternative to traditional sports, which are mostly practiced in a competive level, we want to encourage people to do physical activity for health and for fun through an inclusive model where everyone has the opportunity to learn, to improve and to have fun. In a society with incresing numbers of sedentary lifestyles, little physical activity and bad diets, we condisered of great importance to offer an accesible recreational option to the whole population, that is truly for all ages. TEMPOS is a non-lucrative project, where we work voluntarily to contribute to improve the quality of life through Danish gymnastics.

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